Fatcow Sucks: Don’t Use Fat Cow Web Hosting to Host Your Website

If you are planning on creating your own website, don’t use Fat Cow Web Hosting to host your website. I personally didn’t have a good experience when I tried Fatcow. As the premise of this website is to give you our expert reviews on website hosting; we suggest you avoid FatCow and use what we consider a better web host in HostGator.

Yes, you might be tempted by their cheap hosting plans and their wonderful web design. But their service behind their promises on their website and other ads are all deceitful.

Why NOT Choose Fatcow

Don’t use Fat Cow Web Hosting to host your website even if Fatcow is considered one of the cheapest web hosting service providers on the Internet. By just $5 a year, the company claims that you can start creating a simple website page – before you get ready for the ‘real’ Fatcow package. This reason alone will make you want to purchase their products and start creating your own website. But before you jump in and sign any of their contracts, you should first read the following reasons why you shouldn’t fall prey to their claims and promises.

  • Deceptive Cheap Package

Fatcow’s cheapest web hosting package is the Minimoo package - $5 per year. This is a simple web hosting package that the company claims to have various website creation tools so that you can create a simple website page.

But little do customers know that they have to pay a whopping $15+ for a domain name after the first year.  The "free domain name" is for the first year only. This is much more costly when you can simply buy a domain name for $10 or less on various reputable domain registrars.

Also, former customers complain that they can’t even create a simple webpage using Fatcow’s package. The website creation tools aren't as helpful as some competitor tools.

  • Deceptive Emails from Customer Service

Apart from the deceptive package of Fatcow, their sales team also sends deceptive emails to make their customers pay for the domain name on Fatcow for multiple years. This rips off clients without them realizing it.

  • Automated Replies from Customer Service Staff

Fatcow sucks not only at their packages but also at their customer service. Many former customers complain that the replies of the company’s customer staff are just automated. Because of this, they cannot get any satisfactory answers and assistance from anyone at the company. So if you are planning on creating a website that needs round the clock uptime, don’t use Fatcow Web Hosting to host your website.

  • Frequent and Long Website Downtime

Fatcow sucks at keeping websites up and running. Most customers are complaining that their websites have been down for a couple of days each and every month. And Fatcow is not doing anything about it. All the clients receive are apologies without any action.

  • Security Issues

Fatcow is also known for having a weak security system. There are many attacks that their support staff can’t even resolve. Most clients complain that their websites are being easy targets to attacks but Fatcow sucks at providing assistance in making their website have a more advanced and efficient security system. So if you are creating a website that needs utmost protection, don’t use Fatcow Web Hosting to host your website.

Best Designer Web Hosting: A Media Temple Website Host Review

Nowadays, everyone seems to be using the Internet for everything. From researching stuff to buying goods, most people are relying on the Internet. That is why businesses who are planning on getting bigger and expanding their market reach ought to have a good website.

Businesses that have a great website – with great design, sustainability and fast page load – have more chance of reaching out to more prospective customers.

Best Designer Web Hosting

So if you are thinking of creating a business website or expanding your existing one to make your business grow bigger, you should select a web hosting company that can sustain all of those needs. Because having a big and well-designed website needs a competent web hosting service, you need to choose a web hosting provider that is designed to accommodate large websites with great amounts of data and quite a great number of visitors.

Choose the best designer web hosting that you can find. Media Temple is a great example of a great web hosting provider that offers quality service to their clients. Read this Media Temple website host review to know more about Media Temple Web Hosting.

Why Choose Media Temple

Media Temple has lots of features that they offer to their clients. Even their cheapest plan has features that are useful to big business websites. But even small businesses can get Media Temple’s services – the most affordable plan starts at only $20 per month.

Because of Media Temple’s hosting power, big websites that have a lot of media files and tons of visitors monthly still have a fast page load, making them the best designer web hosting. So if you are planning on creating a website that has lots of elaborate designs and media files such as images, audio files and videos, you should take a look at Media Temple.

  • Big Savings

Media Temple’s web hosting plans enable clients to manage multiple domains on a single server because of their hosting power. This makes clients save more money in the long run. Because website owners don’t need to purchase multiple hosting packages, they are able to save money by just purchasing and maintaining a single Media Temple web hosting package.

Also, because of Media Temple’s hosting power, clients have more room before they need to upgrade to a better hosting package, even though they have already uploaded lots of media files on their various websites that are managed on a single server. This makes Media Temple the best designer web hosting.

  • Fewer Headaches

Because Media Temple is quite competent in solving issues concerning their hosting services, many clients have fewer headaches when it comes to website downtimes, server issues and more.

  • Fewer Issues on Downtime

Websites that are hosted on Media Temple have fewer and shorter downtime. Also, the number of issues that clients need to report to the customer support staff is smaller in quantity. Because the overall performance of the servers is superb, clients don’t have to submit tickets because of arising problems regarding their websites being down all the time for long periods of time.

Media Time is the best designer web hosting because they are able to sustain large websites that have loads of media data of all kinds without crashing or having any delay in page load time.

Designer web hosting for sale

  • No Security Issues

Because Media Temple is continuously improving their system, they are able to fully enhance their structure to ensure that their servers and overall system cannot be affected by any viruses, malware and attacks. This is great news for website owners who own big websites that have loads of traffic and data. Because there will be no downtimes due to attacks, every site that is hosted on Media Temple will surely be sustainable and stable – truly the best designer web hosting.

This makes big websites hosted on Media Temple able to perform better and gain more customers and regular visitors. Because a site that is able to continuously provide service is favored by visitors, large websites hosted on Media Temple will surely get more visitors and clients.

  • Faster Support Response

Even though there are hardly any complaints that are being submitted to Media Temple, the web hosting provider still makes their customer support superior. Customers who have submitted tickets and inquiries regarding some issues and assistance – not necessarily problems – have said that they have received fast response and quick assistance on any issues that they have faced.

Also, the support team of Media Temple is able to assist their clients on any issue that are being brought to them. From complaints to simple assistance, they are eager to help their clients who need any kind of assistance.

  • Great Interaction with Clients

Media Temple is considered by web designers as the best designer web hosting because of their great web design, their support to websites that are intricately designed and their interaction with the community of web designers.

Because web design is quite important in capturing visitors, Media Temple has made sure that they are making every possible method of improving their accommodation of websites that are complicatedly designed. This is to ensure that their clients are getting the most out of their website’s web hosting capabilities.

By enabling website owners to have creative and detailed web designs on their websites without experiencing any problems on page load time and other website functions, Media Temple is also improving the chance of these websites to gain more customers. Thus, the overall performance of the website is improved.

Media Temple is considered the best designer web hosting of large companies on the Internet. Because of this, the web hosting provider has gained a reputation that is hard to beat. Also, because of their superb service to their clients, Media Temple remains one of the best web hosting service providers of today.

Large companies like Dribble.com, Diesel.com, Abduzeeboo.com and JQuery.com are using Media Temple as their web hosting provider and are proud to do so. Because of the reliability of Media Temple in providing great quality service to their customers, they are considered the best web hosting for large companies.

Learn more about Media Temple Web Hosting today!

Best Scandinavian Web Hosting Review

Having a fast and reliable web hosting service is significant in any online business. Because this determines the performance of a website when it comes to sustainability and uptime, you must select a web hosting company that is fast, reliable and stable.

If you are creating or already managing a website that seeks and serves people from other places or countries, you must also choose a web hosting provider that is located nearest to your target customers. Say, if your business is based in the United States and your customers are from Scandinavia, you should choose a web hosting provider from Scandinavia like Crystone Swedish Website Host and this Scandinavian web hosting review will tell you why. Simply put, your website will have a more reliable uptime.

The needs of your website will also be easily worked out on because your web hosting provider is quite familiar with the nature of your website.

Best Scandinavian Web Hosting

Best Scandinavian Web Hosting Provider

If you are looking for a web hosting in Scandinavia, check out Crystone Swedish Website Host. They are one of the best web hosting providers in Scandinavia. In this Scandinavian web hosting review, you will learn why Crystone should be your top choice in hosting any kind of website that is focused on providing services to Scandinavia or is expanding services to the place.

  • No HTML or PHP Experience Needed

If you are planning on creating or adding a website and you don’t have much experience in HTML or PHP, you would want to try Crystone because they enable clients to create websites without experience in the mentioned computer language.

  • Great Customer Service

Crystone Swedish Website Host also provides 24/7 customer care. All clients can contact their customer service staff through phone, live chat, email ticket or even a ‘Remote Service’ option.

  • Money Back Guarantee

This Scandinavian web hosting provider also offers clients with a money back guarantee. You can use their services without signing any contracts within the first 45 days.

  • Limited Introductory Offer
  1. Mini Plan Shared Hosting Promo

Aside from the great service that Crystone provides, they also offer a limited introductory offer to their prospective clients. You can reap great discounts when you buy a Mini Plan Shared Hosting. From the plan’s $5.56/month price, you can now avail of their service for just $0.99/month for the first year of your contract. You can also offer this discount to your fellow website owners once you have signed up to an affiliate account for Crystone Swedish Website Host.

  1. Mini Shared Plan Features

If you are thinking that Crystone’s mini shared plan is just well, small, here are some of its features that will change your belief:

      Unlimited disk space
      Unlimited bandwidth
      Unlimited email accounts
      $100 Google Adwords credit
      Single Domain

Crystone’s mini shared hosting plan’s contracts are 1, 2 and 3 years. This is great for those who want to sign up for a long contract so that their hosting renewal won’t be a hassle.

Crystone Swedish Website Host has offices located in the United States and United Kingdom. Their headquarters are located in Sweden.

Learn more about Swedish web hosting now!

Get Your Own Website: 6 Steps To Online Presence

With the Internet fast becoming the greatest showcase of global products, it becomes extremely important to get your own website. The technology available today makes it possible even for a less technical person to put up a website, provided that the proper steps are followed. This ensures that an online presence, which is critically important to many who want to expand their business on the Internet. To establish your online presence properly, do these steps.

  1. Securing your domain name.

One of the most basic mistakes that many who are new to the technology make is that they think designing the website is the primary step. Unfortunately, this cannot be more wrong, because there is no way that your website can go online without a domain name. The domain name is basically the name that you would want to give to your website. To have your own domain name, you will need to pay an annual fee to have it registered to your name. The concept of the domain name is basically like opening your business, you register the name so that no one else can use your trade name.

Just like with conventional business, just because you have a registered name does not necessarily mean that you have a functional shop. This is the same with the steps to get your own website, having a domain name does not automatically give you a website. Make sure that your domain name is reflective of the type of business, products, or services that you would want to offer online.

How to Get a website

  1. Opening an account with a host provider.

The host provider has the necessary facilities to allow you to get on the Internet. Once your web pages are loaded into their web servers, others on the Internet will be able to see it and surf your website. If you intend to maintain an online presence for business, you are highly discouraged from using free hosting services. The main reason is that you will lack the credibility that is needed to establish a successful online business.

When choosing which host provider to open an account with, you should consider those that have already built a reputation for quality, stability, and excellence, just like HostGator. It would also ideal if the host provider has numerous options that website owners can choose from. It is also extremely important that the host provider can guarantee minimal downtime, because every minute that your website is down means loss of potential profits. Make sure that your hosting account points to your domain name so that the two can be linked.

how to get a web site

  1. Designing the website.

The next logical step after you have secured your domain name and opened an account with a host provider is to think about the design. You may have conceptualized it beforehand, but now is the only time that you will be doing the actual design. Designing the website will require a bit of skill and understanding of the coding language of the Internet. If you do not have these capabilities, then you can pay someone who does.

The foremost consideration in designing the website is to make the website look professional. It is hard to entrust this goal to free web editors because they are mostly designed to make creating a website in less time possible. This means that speed more than quality is the focal point, which is not what you want when your goal is a reputable online presence. Commercial web editors will also be useless if you do not have the technical skills necessary to implement your ideas into something concrete.

Do not lose sight of the fact that it is of the utmost importance to have your website ready for search engine optimization. Although search engine promotion will not begin until the entire website is completed, it should be initiated right at the design stage. The obvious target would definitely be the most popular search engine on the Internet today.

  1. Putting the website to the test.

This step should be done separately from the testing of individual web pages. At this stage, it is assumed that the entire contents of the website have already been completed, and you are now testing the functionality in its entirety. It is essential to put the website to the test based on the intended execution in the latest version of major web browsers. It is necessary to point out that the only surefire way to make sure your website will work as intended is to test it on all of these web browsers.

When you get your own website, it is necessary to prepare for future versions of major web browsers, which means validating your web page code. This simply means ensuring that there are no syntax errors in the coding, which fortunately can be done with the use of free web page validators found on the Internet. Make sure to test the website again after you correct code errors.

  1. Making sure you can make money.

Undoubtedly, if the main goal to get your own website is to offer products and services, then naturally, you would want to ensure that you can make money. The usual method of payment over the Internet is by credit card, which means that if you want to make money, you should be able to collect credit card information. There are also other alternatives that online retailers should consider like online payment systems for example. This will also make you more attractive to advertisers.

  1. Announcing your website.

The last step to successfully get your own website is to announce it on the Internet. This is done by submitting to search engines and creating links with other websites. You may also want to advertise to search engines, which can cost some money. Initially though, to keep your overhead low, you may want a more traditional approach like word of mouth advertising to family, relatives, friends, and neighbors.

When you learn to follow these six steps, you can get your own website that will ensure your online presence.

Start Your Own Website Now

With all the websites popping out from everywhere, you’re probably thinking of making one of your own. While making a website can be a tough job, the results can be worth it. You can use your personal website as a blog, where you will voice out your opinions, or talk about your interest to your online readers. There are even some people with more ambitious goals in mind for their websites. E-commerce has made quite a name for itself in the world of economics. There are now a lot of successful online entrepreneurs who’ve made their websites as their primary source for a living. But let’s not get carried away with those things yet. So you’re here because you want to know more about how you can start your own website. Aside from giving you a step-by-step guide, we’ll also give you a few tips on how you can start your own website the right way. So without further ado, let’s begin.

How You Can Start Your Own Website

Here we have a brief and concise guide about starting your own website. We’ve also listed a few examples of the best companies that can help you.

Get a domain name. A domain name will have to be bought from a domain name provider or registrar. The cost for a domain name will depend on the company you’ve bought it from. Regardless of where you’ve registered your domain name, you will be required to pay a yearly fee if you want to keep using it. Register.com and GoDaddy.com are one of the top domain registrars in the industry today.

start a website

Look for a great web hosting service. Technically you can choose to design your website first before looking for a host for your website, but then again, many web hosting services have web design tools that you can use for your website once you’ve registered for an account. If you want to make use of these web design tools, make sure that you register first. Web hosting companies will have various hosting plans that you can choose from. The perfect hosting plan for you will depend on what type of website you’re going to make, or how large it’s going to be. HostGator has web-hosting plans for beginners and for those who wish to open online shops. If you’ve been thinking of opening up your own blog, you can make use of WordPress on HostGator. HostGator will even add an SSL Certificate to give your website more security.

start your own website

Design and add content to your website. This is where everything you want to be seen or read in your website will be put into codes. You can choose to code everything yourself, or you can use web editing programs. Try to see if the web hosting service you’ve chosen has a web design tool that you can use. If you don’t have the time but you have the financial resources, you can also hire a web design team to do this part for you.
Test your website and publish. Make sure that everything on your website works smoothly. All texts must be easily read, and all links have to work. Also remember to check if your website is friendly to all types of Internet browsers. Once everything is settled, you can now publish your website and promote it to friends, family members and the entire online community.

Tips To Remember When Starting Your Own Website

Our guide makes starting a website sound so easy, and while it can be a piece of cake to those who’ve tried making a website many times before, it can be a bit tricky for who’ve just started. A newbie website designer can make a lot of elementary mistakes that can lead to disappointment with their website. We’ve listed a few important tips that can help you avoid those mistakes.

  • Set realistic goals. When you first start your own website, we’re sure that you have a lot of ideas and goals in mind for your website. Of course there’s nothing wrong with having a great plan for your website, but we suggest that you keep your plans on a realistic scale. Expecting too much from your website might end up disappointing you. When you start your own website for the first time, keep the design and concept simple especially if you’re planning on designing everything yourself.
  • Use a web editing software that is familiar to you. If you’re a complete stranger to HTML, JavaScript or CSS codes, we suggest that you don’t use complicated web editing tools for your website. Learn how to use WordPress because it can work to your advantage. WordPress is one of the most user-friendly tools for website designing.
  • It won’t hurt to look for a helping hand. When you’re having trouble with your website, don’t get discouraged and don’t push yourself to do everything yourself. If you haven’t tried making a website before, it’s completely normal if you don’t know how to fix certain problems. In cases where you find yourself stuck, don’t be afraid to ask the help of a professional.
  • Budget your money wisely. Just like opening up a new business, when you start your own website, you’ll need to cough up some cash. You can choose the affordable way or the expensive way. If you don’t have enough money with you right now, and you don’t plan on making large sums of money with your website, don’t get too carried away with the advanced but expensive tools and designs offered on the Internet. A simple and cheap template can work well on any website.


How You Can Start Your Own Website Tips and Information

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