The Dolphin 6 CMS is a content management system designed to help you quickly build almost any kind of website with a community component such as a dating website, social networking site, or online web store.

Dolphin 6 requires the features MySQL, PHP, GD Graphics Library OR ImageMagick to work properly.

We think HostGator is a great, affordable web host to use for Dolphin 6.  In fact, Dophin 6 lists HostGator on their website as a suggested web host. So if you're planning to use Dolphin 6, get Hostgator web hosting now, and get your Dolphin 6 based website up and running!

Five thoughts on why you may want to use Dolphin 6 for your website:

  1. Dolphin 6 can help you quickly setup a community website.
  2. Dolphin 6 has a long standing history of support (over 6 versions) and a company that is backing it to make improvements.
  3. Dolphin 6 leverages PHP and MySQL so it's compatible with most common web hosting providers (such as those listed above) and is easy to port your site from one host to another.
  4. Dolphin 6 has professional features such as online video chat, video streaming, and is completely open source so you can extend it to suit your own web site needs.
  5. Dolphin 6 has a wide array of plugins and tools that let you easily setup forums, polls, music players, and many other plugins.


Dolphin 6 Hosting Provider for Dolphin CMS Website Creation

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