Magento is a professional open-source eCommerce solution offering unprecedented flexibility and control. There's an open source option that is free.  Or, if you're a larger company you can choose the Enterprise edition for a fee.

Magento was designed with the notion that each eCommerce implementation has to be unique since no two businesses are alike. Magneto's default layout/functionality is excellent and powerful.  Magento's modular  architecture puts the control back in the hands of the online merchant and places no constraints on business processes and flow.

Nordstrom, Adidas, and North Face are examples of companies using Magento.

Magneto is PHP based.  You will want to run cleanup scripts nightly to keep your site speed up if you have a complicated Magneto installation. Make sure your host allows CRON jobs to run so you can automate this.

You should definitely get a VPS or a Dedicated Server for Magento as it's a "heavy" code.  If you can't afford VPS with a new website, go with a web host that supports PHP, CRON jobs, and has excellent shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting options.  That way, your hosting can "grow-up" with your website. So what web host fits these requirements?

Hostgator!  Hostgator is a great Hosting choice for Magneto. Only HostGator Offers QuickInstall, a simple 1-click Installer for applications like Magneto.  It's easy to set-up Magneto with HostGator Hosting, seriously.

So if you're planning to use Magneto, get Hostgator web hosting now, and get your Magneto based website up and running!



HostGator Hosting is 100% Compatible Magento Hosting

  • Install the latest version available of Magento
  • Business Hosting includes free SSL & IP
  • Meets/exceeds all Magento system requirements
  • PHP runs as suPHP for added Magento security


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Magento has proven its worth against other e-commerce platforms.

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