Nucleus CMS is a content management system designed for maintaining a blog publishing site with the intent of having multiple publishers and possibly multiple different blogs hosted off the same installation.

MediaWiki requires MySQL and PHP.  HostGator excels with both MySQL and PHP.  Hostgator offers Nucleus inside Cpanel, with easy install through Fantastico script.

We think HostGator is a great, affordable web host to use for Nucleus. So if you're planning to use Nucleus, get Hostgator web hosting now, and get your Nucleus website up and running!


Nucleus is a content management system for blog publishing in a multi-user and possibly multi-blog based environment. It is extensible, supports many plugins, and runs with only PHP and MySQL required.  Five thoughts on why webmasters use Nucleus for their blog or publishing website:

  1. Nucleus has the ability to host more than one weblog off the same single installation. You can run all your blogs from the same place without any issues.
  2. Nucleus can be used for multiple authors meaning you can run your site more like the New York Times with many people contributing different content.
  3. Nucleus has a draft articles feature, so you can start writing a post and finish it later.
  4. With Nucleus you can set a future date for the release of stories. So if you have to go on vacation, your site can still release content as if you never left.
  5. Nucleus is extremely extensible and modular which means you can modify how your site works by developing simple plugins that make this work the way you want them to.


Nucleus Hosting Company for Blog Publishing Web Site

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