Radiant CMS is Ruby-based content management system that is designed for small to medium sized teams with the goal of providing a platform for rapid deployment of web applications. Radiant is a normal Rails app.

Radiant needs support of MySQL OR PostgreSQL OR SQLLite, Ruby On Rail.

We think the shared web host Hostmonster does a great job with Ruby on Rails at a really affordable price.  Read best web hosting account features review.

Maintaining Rails isn’t always easy for hosting companies since it is a  new framework. Because many hosting providers are used to other languages, such as PHP and Perl, they aren’t accustomed to the issues that may arise with Rails. This makes a case for choosing a web host that has experience with Rails like Hostmonster because these host will know how to handle any issues that may arise.

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Radiant is a no-fluff, open source content management system designed for small teams.  Four thoughts on using Radiant for your content, publishing, or blog website.

  1. Radiant is optimized for working with small teams and is a no-fluff system as a result. That means you can get right down to business without a lot of useless overhead.
  2. Radiant is open source so your business can make any modifications needed in order to support the full functionality required for your site.
  3. Radiant is build on the Ruby on Rails framework which makes it a versatile alternative to most of your standard LAMP based website packages.
  4. Radiant builds secure and user friendly portal web sites that can be used for both business and pleasure based sites.

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