Ubercart (now known as Drupal Commerce) works well for websites selling a small number of products.  If you have a significant number of items to sale, Ubercart probally isn't the best way to go.

Ubercart's best known for being developed to work with Drupal.  UberCart is the clear leader in Drupal ecommerce sites. It's also known for being able to integrate with any site running PHP and MySQL.

In order to install Ubercart your first need a running installation of Drupal.

Drupal CMS requires PHP installation and mysql database (there are other Drupal supported db management systems as well).  Therefore, it makes sense to use the best PHP Web Hosting company to host a Drupal CMS website.

For our money, Hostmonster is the way to go for both Drupal and Ubercart Hosting. Read best web hosting account features Hostmonster review.

Besides PHP and MySQL and many other features Hostmonster also supports custom PHP.INI that will allow you to change some options if you need to.  Hostmonster Drupal web hosting tends to get rated well for site speed and support. They also do drupal upgrades via control panel.

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Best Ubercart Hosting for Drupal eCommerce Web Site


+1 #1 Casey Armstrong 2013-09-16 23:38
Do you have any examples of Ubercart or Drupal Commerce? I've heard good things, but you mention it's not the best way to go if you have a lot of items for sale. Why is that? Thanks!

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