Zikula is an open source application framework. Zikula is a Web Application Toolkit, which allows you to run cool websites and make powerful online applications.

Zikula is praised by developers that use the application.  They compliment Zikula's ease of use, quick and easy development, security and performance and lastly flexibility. Depending on which distribution you choose to run, Zikula could manage your blog articles, allow comments on your site, run a forum, downloads section or link directory or even handle static content in any number of languages.

One of the Largest Zikula web hosting providers is Hostgator, who also has a great priced web hosting plans.

We think HostGator is a great, affordable web host to use for Zikula. So if you're planning to use Zikula, get Hostgator web hosting now, and get your Zikula based website up and running!


Zikula will work on Apache 1.3 or Apache 2.x hosted on UNIX/Linux, OS X, or Windows. The majority of Drupal development and deployment is done on Apache, so there is more community experience and testing performed on Apache than on other web servers.
You can use the Apache ‘mod_rewrite’ extension to allow for Clean URLs.


Where to Buy Zikula Web Hosting for Zikula Application Framework Websites?


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