Web Hosting For Multiple Websites

Chances are you own more than one domain.  You've collected some high quality domains that have a lot of potential.  Now you want to start turning those domains into websites.  Or, you're a serial entrepreneur business owner and want web hosting for multiple websites via an unlimited website host package.

You used to have to buy a separate web hosting accounts for every site you wanted to put on the internet.  Gradually web hosting providers allowed more and more websites to be hosted on the same account. Now you can get cheap multi site web hosting.

Cheap Multi Site Web Hosting, What is It?

The best, cheap shared web hosts have realized that if they developed web hosting plans that allowed unlimited multi sites to be hosted in the same web hosting account, they'd gain a lot of new customers.  People were tired of paying for a new hosting accountant every time they wanted to build a new site.  Hostgator realized that if they created an unlimtied website host package, they would meet a customer need and gain a lot of new customers.  

Your customers love you for it Hostgator!  And you'll love Hostgator as well, so get multi site web hosting from Hostgator today.

Multi site web hosting means that you pay a single fee but you get the ability to create more than one website on different domains within one web hosting account.  For example, say you had a locksmith business in both Salt Lake and Provo and owned the domains saltlakelocksmith.com and provolocksmith.com and wanted to build a website on each domain.  With Hostgator's web hosting for multiple websites package, you could!  Other web hosts that don't allow unlimited websites will make you pay for two seperate web hosting accounts. 

Why pay for two accounts when you can get the same thing from Hostgator and only pay for one account?  Using Hostgator web hosting in this case is like getting web hosting for 50% off.

Unlimited Website Host

Occasionally, web hosts use the term "multiple domains" to indicate that you can use more than one domain to reach the same site.  This is domain forwarding, not multi site web hosting.  Hostgator truly is an unlimited website host.  In other words, Hostgator has web hosting for multiple websites. 

Hostgator's unlimited multi site web hosting provides the ability to host unlimited websites, create unlimited subdomains, and created unlimited MySQL databases (this is necessary for content management systems like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.).

If you don't have the money to pay for a full year of hosting, Hostgator has a month to month web host deal that you should try.

What are you waiting for?  Get the best cheap web hosting for multiple websites from Hostgator now!



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