Who is the Best Local Gloucester Web Hosting Service Provider?

Fasthosts is.  Fasthosts is the largest web hosting providers in Gloucester, UK. Fasthosts  has the experience and products to make your Gloucester based website a success.

Fasthosts is the largest web host in both the UK and Gloucester.  They are well known for their dependability, redundancy, and affordability - they're a great way to go if you need a website in the Gloucester, UK area.

Based in Gloucester, in the heart of England, Fasthost’s two secure data centers house thousands of the latest web and mail servers, maintained 24x7 by their expert team of engineers.  Every possible consideration is made for dedicated servers to operate to their full potential, so they can deliver the highest possible levels of uptime and security.

So if you're a Gloucester area business owner, or even someone from Gloucester that just wants to get an website on the internet, buy a Fasthosts web hosting package today.

You'll help the UK economy, and yourself for that matter, by supporting a fellow Gloucester based business when you buy web hosting from Fasthosts. 

Get More Gloucester Area Website Visitors By Using the Best Gloucester Web Host

Not many people realize that by using a better, higher quality web host located in the same area as your target customers gives your website a better chance at getting more visitors.  It's true. 

In other words, if you’re targeting Gloucester customers with your website, it’s best to host your website in Gloucester as well.

There's a couple main reasons for this:

  • Your web pages will load faster when people from Gloucester area visit your site if your website is physically located near Gloucester as well.  Page load speed matters in Google, Bing, and Yahoo search algorithm that decides which website to show when someone searches for a company like yours.  Fasthosts’s computer web servers are housed in a Gloucester data center.
  • Google considers the server “physical” location when ranking a website in both local and general search (for location-specific searches). So if you are creating a website for your local Gloucester business and expect people to search it by location, find the hosting provider nearby.  So if someone in Gloucester searches for example "locksmith", and you're a locksmith in Gloucester - there's a better chance your website will show up in the search results if your website is hosted in Gloucester as well. 

Makes sense, right?

So if you're looking for Gloucester web hosting, do yourself a favor and check out Fasthosts Web Hosting now.

Fasthosts customer testimony - "Fasthosts offers great value and a terrific service. The administration of website and email accounts using the Fasthosts control panel is quick and easy, plus their customer support is friendly and prompt." - Tony in Gloucester

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