Joomla CMS Review 2018

Joomla, a free open source CMS solution, is one of the most popular website content management software (CMS) available.  Joomla has won a lot of developer awards.  At its core, Joomla is a CMS, which enables you to build websites and powerful online applications. Joomla is considered easy to use and extensible. 

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Joomla! can be used to create business websites, blogs, online magazines, community-based portals and more. Joomla has a lot of built-in features. In addition, a large selection of extra modules and components that will enhance the value of your website by improving your visitor experience are available. 

Joomla’s interface is pretty easy to to use because of the drop down menus and other features. It offers a number of themes and extensions for free but there are also a number of themes and extensions for sale online.

I've used Joomla for different websites (including this one!), and think I have a good idea of how best to utilize Joomla.

Joomla is best used with medium-to-large sized websites (probably at least 50 posts) that have a lot of pretty simple content and tend to evolve a lot over time. I'd go with Wordpress rather than Joomla for a smaller website.

If you have a problem the Joomla community tends to be helpful.  The community may already have found a solution if your issue is common. Joomla combines ease of use for beginners with endless possibilities for advanced users. Joomla is a universe, thousands of extension, templates and realized websites ensure that your energy to start with it it never wasted.

I would not recommend using Joomla for a project requiring custom content types (breaking away from the 2 or 3 column Joomla CMS template structure is not easy). The article/module system is really inflexible compared to other CMSes. This can be remedied through plugins, but the plugins available are either too bloated or too limited to be useful. In addition, plugin authors do not always keep up with new Joomla releases, and I've had a few commercial plugins completely fail on me, only to learn that there was no longer support available.

For large website projects, only Drupal seems like it can compete with Joomla. Drupal has a nice code basis but is lacking the huge number of extension the Joomla community can offer. You will find for every requirement something suitable.

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Joomla CMS Review 2018| Get Best Joomla Web Hosting 

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