New Hulk Hogan Web Hosting Service. Is it Any Good?

When the word came out that Hulk Hogan is endorsing the new web hosting service, Hostmania, you are probably thinking about this question: ‘New Hulk Hogan Web Hosting Service. Is it any good?’ Well, everybody might be asking the same question. Some are even asking if it is legitimate; and well, it is.

Hulk Hogan is really endorsing the new hosting service and the owners of Hostmania have put up a video of the wrestling superstar on their website. It is quite an intro and quite a remarkable marketing strategy. Because there are tons of web hosting services on the Internet, new companies need to think of new strategies to attract customers, and Hostmania did great in that. Well, not quite in a positive way, actually.

But when it comes to services, it’s a different story. Web hosting services need to provide consumers with things that they will surely find useful. And Hostmania has to compete with Hostgator, HostMonster, Bluehost and all the giants in the web hosting industry. So, is the new Hulk Hogan web hosting service any good? Not so. Trying to Get the Lead Hostmania is trying to get the lead when it comes to popular web hosting providers. Through their marketing ploy, they are quite popular, indeed. But let’s see if it has what it takes to match up to the giants in the industry.

• Price

When it comes to pricing, Hostmania is not the best. They offer a free hosting service but their basic plan is already $10 a month. The price is not good for someone who it just starting up. Hostgator and Bluehost offer hosting plans that are less than $7 a month, which include a lot of features already. Or you can get pay month hosting here.

• Storage

They are not the best when it comes to storage. Their $10 plan only has 250MB storage. Other established hosting companies like the popular and trusted Hostgator offer unlimited storage. Other features including bandwidth, domain names and email accounts are also unlimited on established web hosting companies like Hostgator and Bluehost.

• Features

Shopping carts are often free. But when you sign up to Hostmania, you will only get to have a shopping cart when you choose their most expensive plan, which is $20 a month. That may sound ridiculous especially to website owners who have been managing cheap web hosting accounts from established web hosting providers. Stock photos are also everywhere so there’s no need to get too excited about Hostmania’s free stock photos. Image editing is also quite free online so there’s no need to get pumped up with this feature.

So, is Hostmania any good? Yes, their marketing ploy is surprising, if not flabbergasting. But their services should be improved so that they will have a chance to compete with other popular web hosting companies. Their prices are also too high and their features are not something to write home about. Also, Hulk Hogan could have used a better outfit for his video.

The verdict is – stick to a trusted company that’s offering better services at better prices like Hostgator.

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